Best solutions for large-scale industrial projects

The general contractor for large-scale construction projects

As a member of Hawee Group, Hawee Industrial Construction (Hawee IDC) aims to become a leading construction contractor in Vietnam and to masterfully undertake large-scale and complex projects.

Through seven years of development, Hawee IDC has consistently proved its standing and dominance in the industry through big construction projects within the country, as well as abroad, such as the FDI one, Federal Mogul Factory (USA), Hawee Factory, and Tan A Ha Nam Factory.

Our financial capacity, highly qualified arsenal of PhDs, Masters and Engineers, whose skills been developed over many years of working for international companies in the USA, Japan, Korea, to name but a few, are assets that allow the Hawee Group and Hawee IDC to strongly believe in our ability to accomplish any challenging mission.

Business Sector

Hawee IDC acts as general Construction
contractor of industrial buildings in
the fields above

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Flexible project delivery methods & comprehensive solutions that Hawee IDC offers:

Hawee IDC can meet requirement from the developers with flexible project delivery methods

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From initial consultation and continuing long after project completion, Hawee IDC is fully capable of undertaking the projects.

Comprehensive service offering

Under the Hawee Group, Hawee IDC along with Hawee M&E and Hawee P&T share core values, development orientations, and experience accumulated through 14 years of operation. Hawee M&E and Hawee P&T play an indispensable role in fulfilling Hawee IDC's mission to become Vietnam's leading general construction contractor.

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Hawee M&E

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Technical solution for construction projects

Top-notch M&E systems reflect a top-tier construction project. Hawee M&E Jsc. will accompany Hawee IDC to establish optimal M&E solutions, enabling safe and effective construction and operation of the project.

Comprehensive M&E solutions

M&E systems support one another. M&E systems are the most efficient, cost effective, and robust when designed as a single unit. Hawee IDC will design and install the most efficient mechanical systems for your construction project.

Hawee P&T

Research and develop products that fit your project type

Our 10,000 square-meter M&E equipment factory, with modern machinery, automatic production lines, and our capable R&D team allows Hawee P&T to research and develop custom products to fit each and every construction project’s technical characteristics.

Logistics and delivery

Providing high-quality materials and equipment for construction, Hawee P&T is both an integral part and valuable strength of Hawee IDC.

Hawee P&T produces M&E equipment that is trusted by developers and companies, not only domestic but foreign.

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